30 Days of Thanks: Appreciating the gifts in your life

30 Days of ThanksI’m a big fan of autumn.

The crisp air, college football, apple picking. A large part of what I like about fall is the harvest. From pulling in the produce in my own garden to watching the farmers combine their corn fields, it’s a time I appreciate the hard work that’s gone into this harvest, and I’m thankful for the results.

For me, the harvest and November are a major time of gratitude. Every time I look at a combine in the field when it’s dark and cold out, I’m grateful that farmer is out there supplying the world with food. When I make my annual donation to our local food bank for their Thanksgiving baskets, I appreciate the organizations focused on helping people get enough to eat.

November is a time I slow down a bit before the commercial craziness of the holiday season begins. I take stock of the year that’s been, and all the people who supported me during it, and I start thinking about the year ahead and the dreams I want to pursue.  I’m thankful for the people I know who’ve helped me get where I am and will continue helping me achieve new dreams.

That’s the rationale behind American Family’s 30 Days of Thanks. During November, we’ll show our gratitude for different groups of people and say thanks for the things that brighten our lives every day – like laughter. Each of these days, we’ll ask you to share your gratitude by recognizing your favorite teacher, or giving a shout-out to your sister.

We’re kicking it off today by thanking veterans. Their sacrifices have defined us as a nation. They protect our dreams in ways most of us will never comprehend. So visit us on Facebook, leave a comment or share our post with your friends and family – and share your thanks for the veterans in your life.  

This is the second year we’ve done 30 Days of Thanks. Last year, I was blown away by the response we had from people who participated and took time to thank the people who’ve made a difference in their lives. This attitude of gratitude isn’t just about the other person; it makes us feel good, too.

Should we be grateful every day? Definitely.  In November, let’s make it a point not just to be grateful, but to let the people we love – the people who’ve inspired us – know we appreciate them.

30 days of Thanks Active MilitaryEditor's note: Give yourself permission to practice gratitude! Each day during November, American Family Insurance will share ideas for showing appreciation for the people, things and events in our lives. We hope you use these 30 Days of Thanks as an opportunity to share your gratitude. Visit us on Facebook this month for inspiration and ideas as we celebrate 30 Days of Thanks. 

by Michele Wingate on Fri, Nov 01 2013 10:46 am
Posted by Michele Wingate on Fri, Nov 01 2013 10:46 am


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