Buy life insurance when you’re young and healthy — and keep it in force

Peg and her two sons.When my sons were just six and seven years old, I became a divorced, single mother. Having worked in insurance previously, I was aware of the importance of life insurance and bought a universal life insurance policy for myself to protect my family financially. 

Unfortunately, just five years later, circumstances changed, which added some extra financial burden to my budget. I needed funds and cashed in the policy. Two years after that, I began my American Family career with a now-retired agent and purchased life insurance again, this time for myself and both of my sons. Sometime later, another priority came up, I needed discretionary funds, and I decided to let the policies lapse.

I've experienced a heart-related health issue, and while I’ve improved to “mildly affected” status, I was also diagnosed as an adult diabetic, as a result of one medical test. I live a healthy life today with no real problems. 

However, in a nutshell, due to a combination of factors, including not completing medical testing recommended by my cardiologist to help prove insurability because of the expense, I decided not to pursue obtaining life insurance again. As a result, I am not able to provide the financial safeguards through life insurance that I would like for my sons.

Because of the value I place in the benefits of life insurance and understanding the importance of insurability while young and healthy, I did purchase 10-year level term life insurance policies for both my sons, and kept the payments paid and the policies active. Over time, I also began the process of converting a portion of the term policies to purchase 20-pay whole life insurance policies for them. I’m thankful that I did.

I never imagined my son, who is now 27, would have a major seizure out of the blue at age 21. To this day there is no definite reason why it happened, but he’s now diagnosed with epilepsy. Thankfully, my son is on the best seizure meds available, and for all intents and purposes he’s a healthy, active, young man. Although still insurable, it’s comforting to know that he already has life insurance in place.

We’re really enthused about life insurance here at the Michele Weber Agency. As a life-licensed American Family agent assistant, I use my personal experiences to tell the story when selling life insurance in our office. I believe my first-hand knowledge is appreciated by everyone, especially younger, newly-married folks.  

I tell my customers – and it’s my message to you as well – buy life when you’re young and healthy, and keep it in force. That way, in case something happens to you that limits or prohibits you from purchasing more life insurance later in life, you will at least have some life insurance in place. 

I like how American Family Life Insurance Company is creating easy-to-apply-for products for busy customers. The auto-life discount, when applicable, is also nice to discuss. The important thing is to get thinking about and making life insurance part of our lives.

by Peg Moriarity on Tue, Sep 10 2013 3:24 pm
Posted by Peg Moriarity on Tue, Sep 10 2013 3:24 pmPeg Moriarity is an agent assistant for American Family Insurance in Geneseo, Ill.

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Gene said on Sep 14, 2013
If you do nothing else for your children, take a life insurance policy out when they are young. By the time they of age to get it their-self they feel it's not important. Then it because more expensive for them to take out a policy.

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