Change is Good

Sherry Lange and one of her American Family Insurance customers.Change is good, especially when you choose to make it so.

Previously in my career, I had worked in the IT field, serving in network administration, IT security, help desk support and other roles. But it was only after finding myself without a job due to another corporate takeover that I decided to take my career in a different direction.

I resolved to spend the rest of my working years doing what I was meant to do, and to be more in control of my future, too. But it would mean change, which can be risky.

While working for past employers I always had taken advantage of continuing my education during night classes. During one of those classes I took one of those standardized tests that helps you determine what your personality traits are.

I dug out that test and found my results, and then purchased a book that can help you discover just the right kind of career based on your personality type. Using the book as my guide, the first career recommendation was to become a doctor. Now, that was not a realistic choice for me since I had no medical education, and I was already 38 years old.  

The second choice was to become a nurse. That career path seemed a bit more reachable, but would require more education. However, I read on and found a third choice: selling life and health insurance.  

At first I thought to myself, “What does that have to do with being a doctor or a nurse?”

But after 10 years in this business, I now understand – and many agents would agree with me – being an insurance agent has a few things in common with being a doctor or a nurse. It’s about helping people, relationships, trust and more.

It’s my desire to help others, help them solve problems, and make connections that led me to this field.

As an American Family agent, it makes me feel good to know I can explain different kinds of insurance coverage to clients in their own language. When customers come into my office, they all know that I care about them. And, it’s nice working for a company that places a high priority on caring, one-to-one customer relationships.

I am in a career that is rewarding for me and I enjoy it each and every day!  It fits my personality and I LOVE it! 

I started by getting on the right bus. Now I am in the right seat on that bus, and I’m headed in the right direction.

Editor's note: Sherry recently inspired others with her story at American Family’s DreamBank in Madison, Wis.  

by Sherry Lange on Tue, Feb 19 2013 10:59 am
Posted by Sherry Lange on Tue, Feb 19 2013 10:59 am

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Paul Bauman said on Feb 19, 2013
Sherry, you have a very inspiring story. Thanks for sharing it!

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