Doing good just feels good

Nichole Krause and her mom helping with sandbagging efforts.For me, it just feels natural to help with the American Family Insurance United Way campaign. I think it’s important to give back to the community I live and work in, and it always has been.

I come from Delano, a small community west of the Twin Cities. I help with our Fourth of July celebration, pick up trash on the side of the road, and help organize a toy drive with the local church to make sure kids have toys for Christmas. Delano is small enough I can see firsthand the good that comes from my volunteering.

All the time I give is worth it when I’m able to see children smiling from ear to ear because Santa brought them the toy they’ve been waiting for, or when I see the relief in the eyes of a parent whose son or daughter just received a college scholarship I was able to help fund. That’s why I give back whenever and wherever I can in my community.

United Way logoThe United Way of Delano, Minn., donated more than $40,000 last year to more than 27 local charities in and around the area. It helps the food pantry provide meals to hundreds of families who don’t have enough to eat in these tough economic times, and provides funds for local organizations.

Supporting the United Way means helping those who need a hand. The United Way campaigns are a big event at American Family for most locations. I’m proud to work for a company that devotes time, money and resources to help create a better life for everyone. To me this is living our mission to be the most trusted and valued service-driven insurance company.

If you have the opportunity to give back to your own community either through the United Way or some other way, I’d urge you to go for it.

Doing good just feels good, and who couldn’t use that?

by Nichole Krause on Tue, Dec 18 2012 8:12 am
Posted by Nichole Krause on Tue, Dec 18 2012 8:12 amNichole Krause is a casualty claim associate adjuster for American Family Insurance.

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MICHELANGELO DAVID said on Dec 18, 2012
United Way helped me in the past and the monies collected help many many organizations to benefit from one donation ! Keep up the good job , UNITED WAY ! I LOVE THIS ORGANIZATION !

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