Dreams, revisited (or how a 40+ got inspired again)

New Year's resolutions for 2013From the moment I heard about American Family's Dreams Protected advertising campaign, I loved it. I thought the messaging was powerful, and really represents what we do as a mutual insurance company. Your dream is out there. Go get it. We’ll protect it.

Personally though, I had a kind of mental “argh?!?” moment when we asked employees to think about their own dreams. I came up with “I want to raise my children to be happy, successful adults.” It’s true, and rather noble. But it’s not really about me.

I went into this existential mini-crisis – liberal arts majors do these things. Do I still have dreams? I had them in my 20s and early 30s. I wanted to go to graduate school and advance my career (check). I wanted to buy a house (check). I wanted to complete a sprint triathlon (check – four times!).

When Dreams Protected launched, it amplified that question for me – Do I have dreams? I’ve never been content to rest on my laurels, so what’s next?

With some introspection and the help of Google, I realized the answer is a resounding YES.

“Goals are dreams with deadlines,” is a quote widely repurposed and attributed to author Diana Scharf Hunt. I came across it many times when I did a Google search on “what’s the difference between dreams and goals.”

And when I read that, everything clicked. My mind raced like a set of falling Dominos. I realized everything I’m doing in the present, all the big and little goals – decisions and actions – are setting me up to reach my dreams.

Some of my dreams are silly and sporty. I want to sing the national anthem at Miller Park (before a game, not just standing by myself in the walkway). I want to attend a Wisconsin football game at every Big 10 stadium (six down, six to go). I want to visit every state park in Wisconsin (13 down, 46 to go).

Some of my dreams are long-term. I want to be young and healthy when I retire, so I can travel with my husband. So I make contributing to my 401K a priority, forgoing some immediate rewards with an eye on that long-term dream.

And even though I’m refocusing on dreams for myself, I do dream big for my children, focused on seeing them become happy, successful adults. So along the way, I talk to them about loving, healthy relationships. I teach them to cook. I praise their schoolwork. I talk to them about setting a budget and shopping during sales.

As we ring in a new year, I hope you’re thinking about your dreams, whether silly and small or big and audacious, and the goals you’ll set along the way to reach them.

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by Michele Wingate on Fri, Jan 04 2013 8:11 am
Posted by Michele Wingate on Fri, Jan 04 2013 8:11 am


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