Focus on the positive

Jeremy JoWhat is the one thing you want more than anything in life? Chances are, that “one thing” is the same thing for everyone – happiness. We want to be happy at work, at home, in our relationships, and so on.

But ever wonder why so many of us are sad or just not genuinely happy?

During a break from a sales class, I suggested to the trainer the company should really look into having personal development workshops for everyone. They can boost morale and ignite productivity. This is a question of how much the company wants to invest in the well-being of its lifeblood – its workforce.

Instead, we get refresher classes we’ve taken many times over, or contests with cash incentives only to produce very little good results. Worse yet, job security fears get instilled in people’s minds because of subpar performance.

These systems are flawed. The method of dangling the carrot may produce better results than instilling fear, but both can only produce superficial results.

These aren’t things we do just in the business world. The same is true in academics and home life – "get A's in school, find that right person, work hard, become successful, and you will be happy.” We have all learned and been taught this way. It’s time we did the reverse.

Be happy by being thankful. We can choose to be miserable at our jobs or because of our pay, or we can choose to be grateful for the privilege of working. There is so much power in realizing how fortunate we are for having jobs.

Be happy by looking for the good; don’t focus on the bad. How much we want to invest in the company? Are we with the company only when times are good, or are we willing to work through the bad and become part of the solution?

Be happy by getting good hormones flowing by starting your day with meditation and exercise – even if only for five minutes.

These are just some of the simple steps I take daily to reach my goal to be happy. It is only when I’m happy I think clearly and enhance my productivity.

Happiness fosters success in life, and not the other way around.

Life is too short to be unhappy. Happiness is a choice, and so is misery. Which one will you pick?

by Jeremy Jo on Tue, Dec 10 2013 7:43 pm
Posted by Jeremy Jo on Tue, Dec 10 2013 7:43 pm


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