If You Plan to Have a Blast this 4th of July, Put Safety First

As a 14-year-old looking to blow off some steam – and blow up some stuff – I feverishly pedaled home from my buddy Eric’s house, where I’d just obtained a “massive load” of firecrackers, a mere portion of the cache he was selling off to our group of friends.

I couldn’t wait to get a book of matches and let the explosive adventures begin.

Looking back, I’m lucky I survived that summer with all ten fingers intact. Far too often, especially around Independence Day, the news is filled with stories of firework fun gone awry.

The sad thing is most of these mishaps are preventable. All it takes is some common sense, like the tips listed below.

Whatever your holiday plans, please be safe and follow all local laws.

As for me, I’ve long since traded in my matchbook and firecracker stash for a comfortable lawn chair and a beautiful view of the community pyrotechnics display.

Happy Independence Day!

Editor's note: Read and share our firework safety infographic and keep this Fourth of July holiday a happy and safe one. 

Firework safety infographic

by Paul Bauman on Fri, Jun 27 2014 7:50 pm
Posted by Paul Bauman on Fri, Jun 27 2014 7:50 pmPaul Bauman is a web experience administrator for American Family Insurance. When not developing content for the company’s websites, he enjoys sharing the running trail with his thoughts, which move at a much faster pace.


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