Long Live Dreams, Russell

Russell Wilson long live dreamsRussell Wilson is the epitome of dreams realized.

He says he lives by the three Ps: perseverance, perspective and purpose. This isn’t some sports cliché. This is how Russell lives – every day.

At 25, Russell is young...very young.  But he inspires people from all ages and backgrounds because he defied the odds, the naysayers and the skeptics to become a successful collegiate and professional athlete. He’s also devoted to his family, his faith and specific philanthropic causes.

Some described him as too small to play in the NFL.  Hmmm... You don't hear that anymore. The fact of the matter is, Russell has never stopped pursuing his dreams. In talking with Russell, I always notice his poise and calm leadership abilities. They’ve inspired his teammates (and a large following of fans) to dream – and do – bigger things.

Earlier this week, we shared Sam Girard’s ‘Russell story.’ His rise to prominence and ability to overcome long odds inspires Sam every day. It’s more than being a fan of a football player. It’s seeing the life lessons everyone can find in what Russell does on – and off – the field.

It inspires people at our company, too. Like American Family employee, Dwayne Maddox, who shared his ‘Russell story’, too – one which began during Russell’s time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and continues in the important work supporting developing dreams in the Russell Wilson Passing Academy.

American Family understands what it’s like to be an underdog, too. It’s why we want to be a source of continual inspiration for our customers and people everywhere. Russell Wilson is part of how we’re telling that story and spreading that inspiration, and why we’re excited he’s leading his team to the biggest stage in sports this weekend.

When you watch the big game, look for a new TV commercial featuring Russell. Then let us know how Russell’s story inspires you.

Long live dreams. 

by Jack Salzwedel on Fri, Jan 31 2014 8:51 am
Posted by Jack Salzwedel on Fri, Jan 31 2014 8:51 am


Jon Orozco said on Feb 04, 2014
I love the "live your dream loud" & "Long Live Dreams" where can I download them, like the other pictures? Poster size would be awesome, I love my AmFam Insurance company, how neat!
Tom Buchheim said on Feb 11, 2014
Jon - Check out http://www.amfam.com/dreams/ for downloadable posters of Russell Wilson. You can also find more exclusive video. Thanks!
Gloria J. Hudson said on Feb 03, 2014
What a wonderful individual Russell Wilson is. He is truly living in what he believe and the remembering the important points of life his Dad taught him. He believes in the words his Dad taught that were important for life.I raised two sons as a single Mom to believe and you will achieve. I would love to see more 20 plus start achieving better living. I am having so much fun watching the game. My right knee will be operated on Tuesday morning, I have jumped up and down so many times on it. It has been worth every pain. Keep going Hawks!
Michele said on Jan 31, 2014
So impressive, especially at 25. Reminds me of the blog you wrote about Defining Your Future and Meg Jay's book about 20somethings. http://www.jacksalzwedel.com/defining-your-future/

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