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What's your favorite meal-time memory?We all have favorite songs, books, movies, sports teams – you name it.But have you ever thought about your favorite meals of all time?

If I had to boil them down (pun intended), there are a few eating experiences that stand out.

One of them involved the first Thanksgiving my wife and I celebrated together, after we moved from Milwaukee, Wis. to Washington, D.C. to achieve our career dreams. In the beginning, we were cash-strapped. Dinner often consisted of rice mixed with peanut butter, and among the few furnishings in our simple apartment was a “couch” we fashioned out of an army blanket and bundled newspapers.

Clearly, traveling back to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving was not in the budget.

Instead, we gathered for a holiday feast in D.C. with friends, acquaintances and co-workers. Like the original pilgrims, we all were far from “home,” and each of us contributed what little we had to the Thanksgiving table. The food was delicious, but the sharing of stories, laughter and togetherness was far more satisfying, proving that home truly is where the heart is.

Another favorite food experience involved a week of dinners prepared by our son and daughter when they were in middle school. Some meals were ambitious, while others – scrambled eggs, for example – were somewhat unconventional. But our kids took responsibility, created a plan of action and executed it. Since then, they’ve made some great dishes and treats. My son’s panko-crusted tilapia and my daughter’s smoothies are to die for.

And finally, there was the amazing backyard crab feast in Maryland that changed me forever. I’d never eaten soft-shell crabs before, and it was love at first bite. After two bushels, I forced myself to stop. I also experienced other “firsts,” like learning how to dance the “Electric Slide” to Marcia Griffiths’ irresistible “Electric Boogie” in the 95-degree heat. Whenever I hear that song, my mind is flooded with memories of friends, food and fun on that sweltering summer day.

The more I think about my favorite food experiences, the more I’m convinced that food itself isn’t the only thing that sustains us.

It’s the act of sharing and enjoying food with others that truly feeds our souls, and makes us feel connected, loved and alive.

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