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Personal insurance reviewAs an advocate of my company’s brand, I like to talk about the value of an American Family agent. And while I often hear how our agents (and employees) excel during the claims process, there are many other times I can see why we have the best agents in the business.

I was recently reminded why I am proud to be a customer, as well as an employee, of American Family.

A few months ago, I received an email from my agent asking if I’d like to come in for my personal insurance review (PIR). While I had passed on many PIR invitations in the past, I realized there were too many things coming up I would need to address.

“Schedule us for early in the new year,” I replied, allowing me not to have to think about it for a while. Those months went by quickly and soon I found my appointment a few weeks away. Taking a moment to review my situation, I came up with a number of items that my wife and I would need to cover in our PIR: 

  • Before the end of the year, we are very likely to have a teen driver in our household.
  • With the addition of that teen driver, we would have no more excuses to delay the purchase of an umbrella policy.
  • We would need to confirm the steps to get Teen Safe Driver installed. And how would we deal with a teen who is very opposed to the idea of that technology?
  • At what point in the near future might we want to adjust the coverages on our older, higher-mileage vehicle?
  • If we were to have an increase on our homeowners policy, what would that look like and how could we mitigate the increase?
  • Should we be looking at converting our term life policies at some point?

I summarized all of the above and sent an email to my agent. While I believed that most of these items were also on his list for our PIR, I wanted to ensure that we got the answers we needed.

The afternoon of our appointment, our agent was able to address all of our concerns. We reviewed our options and put together a plan to add or modify coverages during the course of the year. Where our rates were increasing, he was able to show us why. Since our overall insurance needs were increasing and the amount we’ll spend will eventually go up, our plan for the year spreads those costs out. In some cases, we adjusted coverages or deductibles to soften some of the increases. And yes, we made plans to add that umbrella policy.

I was impressed by my agent’s approach with our new teen driver. He requested a meeting later this year with my son to show him the impact the Teen Safe Driver program has on driving habits. He wants to reiterate that neither he, nor the company, will ever see the incidents recorded. And he wants to show him the financial impact of a ticket on insurance costs now, as well as when he is paying for his own insurance down the road.

While this was my own situation, all of us are likely to have changing and evolving insurance needs. Perhaps you are getting married this year, or maybe you’ve made an addition to your home. Perhaps you have a new baby, or a child getting a license, or one going away to college. All reasons to ensure you have the coverages you need.

The PIR process is one of those times you can really appreciate the value of having an American Family agent. I have always said we have the best agents in the insurance industry, and I saw that again firsthand.

For those of you who aren’t insured by American Family, why not make 2014 the year you make the switch? There are more than 3,400 agents in our 19 states who would be delighted to work with you!

Editor’s note: Learn more about personal insurance reviews on our website, or find a local American Family Insurance agent near you who can assist with your insurance needs. 

by Rich Nolan on Tue, Apr 22 2014 8:20 am
Posted by Rich Nolan on Tue, Apr 22 2014 8:20 amRich Nolan is a digital integration administrator with American Family Insurance.

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