Play with your food! Bringing Fun Back to the Family Table

Play with your food!Elbows off the table, please. 

Must you chew so loudly?

For the last time - stop kicking your sister under the table!

Sound familiar? I may not have kids of my own yet, but judging by the outrageous amount of milk spilled at my dinner table growing up, I think you’ll agree that family mealtime is rarely a glamorous scene. In fact – it can be downright comedic. Do you have any funny memories from around the dinner table? (Mine is when an entire canister of parmesan cheese exploded on my Dad’s face – right after he had given me a stern lecture no less!)

When disaster strikes at the table or the kids’ manners leave you distraught, it’s easy to turn family mealtime into a battlefield. Because it’s one of the few times the whole family is together, the table can quickly become a hot spot for conflicts over manners, grades, chores, and the like.

While these discussions are important, experts agree that happier families strive to make mealtime as friendly as possible - and save the more serious matters for later.

Here are a few ideas to keep things fun at your family table.

  • Play restaurant: Transform your dining room into a five-star eatery. Light candles, turn up some jazz tunes, and have the kids design menus. Get the whole family giggling by throwing a dish towel over your arm and playing waiter – extra points for faking a French accent!
  • Combine dinner with game night: A little healthy competition over your family’s favorite board game makes for a memorable meal. Kids enjoy the departure from a traditional dinner, and by choosing non-fussy foods like paninis or quesadillas, you can focus on your winning strategy.
  • Have a celebration plate: Find a colorful plate and use it only on special occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, or a glowing report at parent/teacher conferences, the gesture is a simple way to make someone you love feel extra special during the meal.
  • Encourage storytelling: Just as important as it is to ask kids about their lives, hopes, and dreams, it’s equally essential for you to share your own. Talk about your family history, how you met your spouse, your dream job, or where you would love to travel someday. Stories like these spark entertaining conversations and help family members become comfortable sharing with one another.

How do you keep mealtime fun in your home? Share your comments below!

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by Grace VanDeWeghe on Mon, Oct 14 2013 10:00 am
Posted by Grace VanDeWeghe on Mon, Oct 14 2013 10:00 am


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