Teen Safe Driver program reveals driving habits of family and friends

Teen Driver Safety WeekWe’re a family with four kids, and our oldest is enrolled in the Teen Safe Driver program from American Family Insurance. We initially signed up in order to get lower insurance rates and, more importantly, to monitor our teen's driving habits.

We both agreed that we really needed to know how she was driving when we weren’t with her.

Initially, our daughter was resistant to the idea. After we talked about it and told her we’d be saving money on insurance, she decided to support it. Now, meeting the weekly score goal is something she takes pride in.

At first our daughter's scores were usually above the goal set by Teen Safe Driver. Over time, the number of “incidents” dropped and she is meeting the goals fairly consistently.

Now, an event is often triggered because of a particularly rough patch of road instead of anything she’s doing wrong. The events that normally set off the camera are nearly gone.

One of the best things from our daughter's point of view is that we've “caught” members of our family riding without seatbelts. Our daughter was grateful that we took this up with them directly, so she didn’t have to confront them.

A big lesson learned however, came when one of her friends was driving the car (with our permission).

One weekend, we took a number of our kids’ friends to a youth conference a couple hours away from home. We were taking three cars and one of our daughter's older friends was driving our car with the camera.

The shock of our life came when both of us saw how she was run onto the shoulder. She was very frightened by the experience and had to be relieved by another driver. Later we watched the video and saw that at the critical moment of moving into the other vehicle's blind spot, the friend had bent down to pick up something she had dropped on the floor. As a result she never saw the other driver pull into her lane. This was a significant learning moment for her and our daughter as well.

Our experience with Teen Safe Driver has been a really good one. We're definitely big fans.


Teen Safe Driver logoEditor's note: In observance of National Teen Driver Safety Week (Oct. 20-26), American Family encourages all motorists to commit themselves to safe driving practices. A great starting point is our online Safe Driving Pledge, where you agree to follow six commonsense practices that will help protect you, your passengers and those with whom you share the road.
(Even if you took the pledge before, renew your commitment to safe driving today. It's the first stop on the road to making a real and lasting difference.) And just for participating, we'll enter you in a drawing for one of 10 $250 gift cards.
by Rob Bednarik on Wed, Oct 23 2013 5:53 pm
Posted by Rob Bednarik on Wed, Oct 23 2013 5:53 pmRob Bednarik is an American Family Insurance customer. His family is enrolled in American Family's Teen Safe Driver program.


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