The big game, teamwork and family

Russell Wilson Dream BigIt’s finally here: the big game.

The excitement among American Family Insurance employees and agents has been building for weeks. We’re so proud of our brand ambassador, Russell Wilson, for reaching the Super Bowl in his second season. We’re excited to see a great game today between two class-act teams.

And, we are super-proud of the teamwork and creativity on display in our new commercial featuring Russell (and the voice of the legendary Harry Belafonte). We’re also having fun getting our social media communities excited about the spot’s debut during the big game.  

Social media helps us connect with people in new ways, rallying around common interests, like the Grammy’s or the Super Bowl. We’ll be doing that today, joining the conversations about our commercial on Twitter and Facebook, using our hashtag #longlivedreams.

We’ll talk about what inspires us during the Super Bowl. And, we’d love to hear what you think. So use #longlivedreams or share with us on Facebook or Twitter.

One of the things on my mind this week has centered on the theme of team and family, and how much they are alike. They support each other and build each other up. Each individual contributes based on his or her strengths, and the whole of the effort is stronger because of it.

That’s how we’ve felt here this week, building on each other’s energy, and it’s been amazing.

A lot has been said about Russell Wilson this week – about his leadership and determination. The New York Times had a fantastic piece on his quiet determination and how he’s been easy to overlook in the midst of all the Super Bowl hype.

Russell’s determination and drive impress me, too. But what impresses me most is his focus on team, family and his commitment to building up others. Every Tuesday, he visits the children at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The Tuesday after the Seahawks won the NFC Championship? There he and his wife Ashton were, visiting the children.

I used to work at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and it was a big deal when an athlete came to visit. A really big deal. And usually a person came maybe once a year, rarely during their busy sports season.

Russell and Ashton do it every week. The impact this has on the kids and their families, who are stuck in a hospital week after week, wondering what their future holds … to me, it says more about his character than anything else.  And that’s what makes me proud that American Family has Russell Wilson on our team. He inspires me to be a better person.

Long live dreams.

by Michele Wingate on Sun, Feb 02 2014 8:20 am
Posted by Michele Wingate on Sun, Feb 02 2014 8:20 am


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