Why DIY? 6 Reasons to Tackle That Project

I’m guessing you know the type of ‘tired’ I’m talking about. Nope – not the ‘I stayed up too late’ or the ‘I just ran a marathon’ kind of tired.

The type of weariness I’m thinking of is a rare form that comes only from tackling a DIY project. It is a satisfying tired – the kind that centers you, brings you to a contended place, and makes you feel full of life.

To me, this type of tired is so fulfilling. The times I’ve emerged paint-splattered from the garage, or muddy from the garden, I find myself smiling - feeling content and authentically ‘me’. DIY projects have helped me experience life in a more hands-on way – and better yet - the skills, confidence and soul-searching I have gained in the process have empowered me to more actively go after my dreams each day.

Here’s why trying your hand at a new project today could help your dreams tomorrow:

Money in your pocket
By relying on your own two hands to create, fix, or remodel, you can often skip out on wallet-draining labor or service costs! Plus, DIY projects can help you develop a better understanding of what makes certain skills or materials more expensive than others – helping you choose projects more carefully.

Boosted brain power
DIY-ing is a terrific way to gain new skills or knowledge. Whether reading up on techniques online, or discovering how a broken appliance ticks - each project you tackle will teach you something new and improve your problem-solving abilities for the future.

Illuminating self-discovery
From helping you uncover your natural talents to pointing you towards your true passions, DIY-ing is an illuminating way to find out what matters most to you. Plus – DIY projects offer a great way to express your personality!

Health and happiness
It’s been my observation that the happiest and healthiest people keep their minds and bodies active – and DIY activities are a perfect way to do both. Working with your hands is an easy, natural way to get your heart rate up – and who doesn’t love that incredible feeling of creating something on your own?

Richer relationships
Few things bring people together like shared interests, and DIY projects encourage these special connections. Whether you enjoy cooking, crafting, or remodeling – chances are there is a larger community of people who can offer friendship and support.

Newfound freedom
Amidst life’s uncertainties, DIY-ers rely less on the products, services and expertise of others – and instead find an exhilarating sense of freedom through the new skills and confidence they have cultivated.

Have you ever attempted a DIY project? How did it make you feel? 

Editor's note: Read and share our infographic on the benefits of DIY, and discover why tackling new projects today could help fuel your dreams tomorrow! 

6 benefits of DIY infographic

by Grace VanDeWeghe on Mon, Jul 28 2014 9:38 am
Posted by Grace VanDeWeghe on Mon, Jul 28 2014 9:38 am

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Josh said on Aug 11, 2014
I'd love your perspective on knowing when it's DIY time, and when it's time to call a pro?

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