Wise Land Use Yields Unexpected Benefits

Rita Garczynski on the grounds of American Family Insurance National Headquarters.I never tire of the view at our headquarters in Madison, Wis. The surrounding landscape features wildflowers, stone walls, seating areas and a pond. These gradually change over to oak woodlots and large grassland areas.

When our facility was built, the intent of the grasslands was to transition to outlying natural areas and keep expenses down by reducing the costs associated with large well-groomed lawns. It turns out these tall grasses are an ideal habitat for nesting grassland birds. An employee discovered this 20 years ago when he spotted a Dicksissel living in the grasses.

Knowing this, American Family decided to strike a balance between economic development and land resource protection. We realized we have an opportunity to protect and restore diverse plant and animal species on our lands.

As an example, we found that simply by delaying the annual mowing of our meadow until mid-August, the Dicksissel – whose population has been steeply declining – could successfully raise their young.

Our land use plan has three goals:

  • Research existing habitat and wildlife.
  • Implement land-management practices to support habitat-enhancement strategies.
  • Promote employee and community involvement.

Since then, some of our land-use achievements include:

  • Installation of a native prairie butterfly garden.
  • Restoration of oak woodlots to oak savannas.
  • Conversion of several acres of non-native plants to native species.
  • Pond management for habitat diversity.
  • Installation of a 34 bluebird nest boxes.

It’s been a gratifying experience. Some of the most rewarding compliments on our land use come from customers. One guest said that after discovering American Family’s dedication to responsible land management, he would definitely remain our customer. He was an administrator at a local college and was so impressed with our land use plans that he asked if his facilities team could contact me for more details!

I also received a similar compliment from a customer who is an employee with the Wisconsin DNR. She said, “I am so thrilled and impressed to discover I have been doing business with a company that truly cares about the environment.”

At American Family, it’s rewarding to know our good stewardship isn’t just a financial way of life, it extends to our land resources as well.

Editor's note: Learn more about the environmental sustainability efforts at American Family Insurance on our website

by Rita Garczynski on Tue, Aug 27 2013 7:52 am
Posted by Rita Garczynski on Tue, Aug 27 2013 7:52 amRita Garczynski is facilities site specialist with American Family Insurance.

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